"Air Recipient"^ ^;...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check out this cool fan page I found! "Air Recipient"^ ^;...

Check out this cool fan page I found!


"Air Recipient"^ ^;...

"To create facts about my own opinion towards this Air Recipient."^ ^;...

"Air Recipient"^ ^;... "The recipient of something is the person receiving it, that when we took out in ourselves we will feel pain it is a death of fear about pain, an [Air Recipient] after our breath took place out in this world we really had so many recipient, most especially in the Web that has many connections regarding to our nickname in that situation our [SOUL] is behind with this [Air Recipient] our lives is not anymore heavy with this group all will never be neglected, our air is universal includes living things, non-living things, What if a breath is never been recognized?... like for instance, a famous breath to unfamous breath this story revolves in our popularity so many [SOUL] is already departed they only reaching themselves by a solidity of a mirror this creation is never been far in our society the [Air Recipient] is their way to spread out in their womb or in their thomb an [Air Repcipient] will be the only way to survive from death out with this earth, the [SOUL] is an [Air Recipient] towards us in many dimensions full of mysteries."^ ^;... 

 June 15,2011 
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